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Boynton Beach, Florida divorce and child custody attorney Janet Langjahr helps you win back control of your lives in family and domestic violence court

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Types of Cases:
Florida Divorce Law, Child Custody Law, Visitation, Relocation Disputes, Domestic Abuse Law, Domestic Violence Law, Property Division, Equitable Distribution, Alimony, Spousal Support, Annulment, Child Support, Cohabitation Agreements, Prenuptial Agreements, Postnuptial Agreements, Separation Agreements, Marital Settlement Agreements, Paternity, Adoption, Stepparent Adoption, Mediation, Spouse Abuse, Child Abuse, Name Changes, Eviction or Ejectment of Cohabitant, including Interstate Child Custody Disputes and International Child Custody Disputes, Modifications, Enforcement and Appeals, and all Contested and Uncontested Family Law Matters
Our Full Representation:
  A caring, experienced attorney:
  • is with you to protect you every step of the way in your case

  • personally meets with you and advises you about your case

  • personally reviews all correspondence, pleadings and evidence with you

  • personally answers your questions and returns your phone calls - promptly

  • prepares all court papers for you

  • advises you through every negotiation and mediation

  • stands up for you at every court hearing

  • gives you and your case their all

OUR full representation is NOT the following:

  • you only have access to secretaries and paralegals

  • it takes forever until your phone calls are returned

  • each phone call, meeting and court appearance you have is with a different attorney, who isn't familiar with you or your case and doesn't much care

  • every time you go to court, you are met, just in the nick of time, by a different, wet-behind-the-ears attorney - a stranger - asking:
    "Are you my client? They already called us? OK, what is this hearing for? Tell me a little about your case."

Full representation is by far our most popular service because:

  • you get the peace of mind of knowing that you are fully covered on your cases

  • you pay a fair hourly fee (plus costs)

  • you largely control the total fees by your own conduct and your informed decisions on alternative legal strategies (of course, your spouse's conduct and decisions also have a big impact here too)
We at The Law Office of Janet Langjahr PA want you to stand a chance in family court, no matter what your spouse may have in store for you. If you want full representation, but just can't afford it, we offer less costly alternatives designed to give you as much help as possible.

Piecemeal Economy Representation:
  • You are on your own for most of your case

  • A caring, experienced attorney will help you on a specific portion of your case that you realize you really need help with

  • You pay for legal help only for that portion of your case

  • For example, researching legal issues and drafting a motion, memorandum of law or trial brief only

  • Or arguing a legal motion for you in court only

  • Or advising you about law and strategy only

  • Or taking (or defending) depositions for you only

  • Or conducting your case at trial only

Reduced Retainer / Installment-Pay-as-You-Go Representation:
  • You want a caring experienced attorney to protect and help you every step of the way

  • You can't pay the entire retainer upfront, but you can pay regular, smaller advance installment retainers as you go

  • We can accommodate you with successive piecemeal economy representations

Uncontested Divorce Forms Preparation Service / Plus Options:
  • Standard Forms Preparation Service: you can have your uncontested divorce forms drafted by our office and you take it from there

  • Plus Option One: you can have your uncontested divorce forms filed by our office and you take it from there

  • Plus Option Two: you can have service on your spouse arranged by our office and you take it from there

  • Plus Option Three: you can have a basic consultation about your legal rights

  • Plus Option Four: you can have a basic consultation about divorce procedure and the process you should follow with the forms prepared by our office

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